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Remote ControlChassis
FlexCar Project - Remote Control Rolling Chassis with iOS App

Innovative FlexCar Project: Remote Control Rolling Chassis with Future VR Potential

The FlexCar Project is an innovation project at Arena 2036 in Stuttgart-Vaihingen. In collaboration with Mercedes-Benz Group AG, an electrically powered “Rolling Chassis” was developed, equipped with various sensor technologies. The goal of this project was to remotely control and automate the movement of the chassis and explore the potential of Virtual Reality techniques for generating a realistic driving experience.

Arena2036 Remote Controller

Intuitive iOS App Control with Future Virtual Reality Integration Possibilities

The design of the iOS app focused on providing an intuitive user interface for remotely controlling the Rolling Chassis. The project aimed to explore the possibilities of integrating Virtual Reality techniques in the future to enhance the driving experience for users, making the most of the cutting-edge sensor technologies within the chassis.

Successful Remote Control and Automation of Rolling Chassis

The FlexCar Project successfully achieved its goal of remotely controlling and automating the Rolling Chassis, providing users with a smooth driving experience through the iOS app. This innovative project demonstrates the potential for future advancements in vehicle control, automation, and the possible integration of Virtual Reality techniques.




Hochschule der Medien,
Arena 2036,
Mercedes-Benz Group AG


CD, UI, UXD, Programming


Swift, Objective C, MQTT, Photoshop