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Im Dunkeln - Ein Leuchten
Discover Fred Uhlman's Life and Art through Interactive Storytelling

Discover Fred Uhlman's Life and Art through Interactive Storytelling

“Im Dunkeln – Ein Leuchten” is an interactive storytelling project that accompanies the “Captivity” exhibition at the Staatsgalerie, focusing on the life and art of Fred Uhlman, a lesser-known “lost son” of Stuttgart. Born in 1901, Uhlman was a jurist who fled to France in 1933 and began painting as an autodidact.

A Rich and Engaging Multimedia Experience

The design of this interactive narrative emphasizes the power of visual and auditory storytelling to illuminate the life and works of Fred Uhlman. Combining drawings from the “Captivity” series, photographs, and immersive soundscapes, the project offers insights into both the historical context and Uhlman’s personal biography.

An Award-Winning Interactive Narrative Celebrating Fred Uhlman's Art

“Im Dunkeln – Ein Leuchten” was well-received and recognized with the prestigious Grimme Online Award in 2022. The project successfully brought to light the captivating story of Fred Uhlman and his art, offering an engaging and innovative way for audiences to explore his life and works.




Staatsgalerie Stuttgart


UI, UXD, Programming


React, Howler, CSS3, JavaScript, HTML5

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