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Loup NoirWebshop
Webshop Relaunch - A Luxurious Online Shopping Experience

Stunning Webshop Relaunch for Loup Noir's Exclusive Handbags and Accessories

In collaboration with Loup Noir, an exclusive label for handmade handbags and accessories, I have successfully revamped their webshop.

The new Loup Noir website was designed to showcase their exquisite handbags and accessories, providing an unparalleled online shopping experience. The advanced configurator and optimal product display across all devices further enhance the user experience. Additionally, numerous features have been integrated to facilitate day-to-day operations, such as seamless DHL Express connectivity for automatic label creation, invoice and delivery note generation, and a new connection to an inventory management system.

Successful Webshop Relaunch Elevating Loup Noir's Brand Exposure

The relaunch of Loup Noir’s webshop has been a great success, contributing to the brand’s ability to present its products to a wider audience. The luxurious experience provided by the new website attracts customers looking for exclusive handbags and accessories.




Loup Noir –  Made in Italy


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