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Revolutionary Website Design for Innovative Mobility Startup Vortifer®

Crafting a Cutting-edge Website for a Groundbreaking Mobility Solution

In close collaboration with follow red, I created an entirely new website for the innovative mobility startup Vortifer®. Utilizing the latest technology based on WordPress, I built an impressive website that stands out for its responsiveness, numerous CSS3 animations, effects, video backgrounds, and parallax scrolling.

Exploring the Future of Sustainable Mobility Solutions – I conducted extensive research on sustainable mobility solutions to understand Vortifer®’s revolutionary technology and effectively communicate its value on the website. Vortifer®’s German-developed technology combines all known flight principles in a single propulsion system, without any drawbacks, setting new standards in efficiency, innovation, and sustainability.

Showcasing Innovation through a Visually Striking Website

To create a visually striking website that reflects Vortifer®’s innovative spirit, I used the latest design techniques, including CSS3 animations, effects, video backgrounds, and parallax scrolling, resulting in a truly engaging and dynamic user experience.

Delivering an Engaging and Informative Website for Vortifer®

The final result is a responsive and visually impressive website that effectively showcases Vortifer®’s groundbreaking technology, helping to spread the word about this revolutionary approach to sustainable mobility.




KMTC Technologies Holding im Auftrag von follow red


UI, UXD, Consulting, Structure, Programming


WordPress, Elementor, CSS3, JavaScript, HTML5, Video