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VR+ Watch
Transforming Online Watch Shopping with Virtual Reality

Revolutionizing Online Watch Shopping: Creating a VR Experience


Buying a wristwatch online often lacks the emotional and aesthetic appeal that comes with shopping in person. This case study explores how virtual reality (VR) and Leap Motion technology can transform the online shopping experience by allowing users to interact with and try on watches in an immersive environment.

Our research aimed to understand how virtual reality could create a more engaging and hedonistic experience for online shoppers. We investigated the potential of VR to showcase watches in a more visually appealing manner and allow users to experience them in an appropriate setting

The original title of the thesis is “Casestudy of a shopping immersion/experience in a VR Oculus Rift and Leap Motion environment” and can be viewed at the Stuttgart Media University.

Building a Virtual Jeweler: Immersive Product Interaction with Leap Motion

Design Approach

To achieve the desired immersive experience, we developed a VR prototype called “VR+ WATCH” – a virtual jeweler that enables users to select, interact with, and try on various wristwatches on their own wrists. We leveraged Leap Motion technology to enable natural, intuitive interactions within the virtual environment.

A Virtual Reality Journey to Elevate Online Watch Shopping


Our VR+ WATCH prototype successfully demonstrated the potential of virtual reality and Leap Motion to enhance the online watch shopping experience. By enabling users to interact with and try on watches in a realistic, engaging environment, we elevated the emotional and aesthetic aspects of the buying process.


Higher stimulation through the environment


Higher stimulation to purchase


of the testers were enthusiastic


Stuttgart Media University

Idea, Concept, Sound Design, Animation, UXD, UID, 3D, Programming, Evaluation, Scientific Thesis

Unity 3D Engine, Photoshop, Illustrator, zBrush, 3Ds Max, Audacity, Leap Motion SDK, Oculus Rift SDK, C#

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