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Showcasing Architectural Excellence with Walk Architekten Website

Capturing the Essence and Uniqueness of Architectural Projects


As a web developer, I understand the importance of highlighting the values and uniqueness of each architectural project when creating a website. Together with my partner Full Moon Communication, I crafted a website for Walk Architekten that meets these high standards.

My research focused on identifying the best way to present each building project in a clear, structured, and reduced website format. This meant concentrating on the essentials to create an elegant and minimalist website that puts the architecture front and center.

Emphasizing Beauty and Uniqueness through Minimalism

Design Approach

I collaborated closely with Full Moon Communication and Walk Architekten to ensure the website reflects the values and uniqueness of the projects. My design features clean lines, a simple color palette, and high-quality images that emphasize the beauty and distinctiveness of each building.

Elegant Website for Architectural Masterpieces

The result is a website that puts architecture at the forefront, allowing visitors to experience each building project in its full glory. My elegant and minimalist design highlights the architectural excellence of Walk Architekten and provides an immersive user experience.




walk architekten – on contract for Full Moon Communication


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