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Galerie der Schatten
A Transmedia Experience Across Multiple Platforms

Transferring Holistic Experiences Across Different Media Platforms

The Gallery of Shadows is a project developed as part of the research paper “Transfer of an Existing Holistic Experience to Other Media – as a Part of a Transmedia Case Study,” under the “Digital Paths to the Museum II” funding program by the Ministry of Science, Research, and Art of Baden-Württemberg. This project aims to transfer an existing holistic experience to multiple, completely different types of media, exploring user reactions and engagement across platforms.

Human-Centered Design for Engaging Transmedia Experiences

In collaboration with Staatsgalerie Stuttgart, a concept was developed to transfer a Virtual Reality experience to two other types of media, following a human-centered design approach. Two prototypes were created, and a user test was conducted to compare the results of this test to an already conducted test with the existing VR experience.

Insights into User Engagement Across Multiple Media Platforms

The Gallery of Shadows project successfully compared the same experience across three different types of media, evaluating how users respond differently to each platform. This research offers valuable insights into creating engaging and immersive transmedia experiences that capture the essence of the original experience across various platforms.




Staatsgalerie Stuttgart


Concept, Idea, UI, UXD, Programming


React, CSS3, JavaScript, HTML5, three.js, 3D Modeling