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An AI-Powered Art Discovery Tool at Staatsgalerie Stuttgart

Find Your Favorite Art with the Help of AI

Discover your favorite art at Staatsgalerie Stuttgart with K_AI, an AI-powered assistant that helps you navigate the vast collection by asking you questions or presenting comparison pairs. By interacting with K_AI, you can find the art that resonates with you, whether it’s abstract or concrete, green or blue, or from a specific era.


Leveraging AI to Enhance the Art Discovery Experience

K_AI is an experiment that explores how Staatsgalerie Stuttgart can utilize its extensive research data to provide value for its visitors. By leveraging artificial intelligence and neural networks, K_AI connects users to the digital collection based on their preferences and interactions.

Find Your Favorite Art with the Help of AI

Personalized Art Discovery Powered by AI

K_AI successfully offers a personalized and engaging experience for visitors at Staatsgalerie Stuttgart, guiding them through the extensive collection and helping them find the art that truly resonates with them. This innovative AI-powered tool demonstrates the potential of artificial intelligence in enhancing visitor experiences in the world of art.

Personalized Art Discovery Powered by AI




Staatsgalerie Stuttgart


UI, UXD, Concept, Idea, Naming


Cedric Kulbach, Steffen Thoma, Sophia Dieterich, Christoph Wetzel

Cyberphysical Interaction