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The Thrilling Tablet Rail-Action Run n' Cut Game

Hype - Swipe Your Way Through Nightmares


The Thrilling Tablet Rail-Action Run n’ Cut Game Dive into an exciting rail-action run n’ cut game that combines familiar gameplay elements to create a whole new gaming experience. Join little Kevin as he navigates through his nightmares, confronting various fears along the way. Use swipe gestures to avoid barriers and escape the nightmare world.

Project Challenge

Developing a Proof-of-Concept with Addictive Gameplay Creating a playable prototype with an arcade mode as a proof-of-concept for the basic game principle, showcased at multiple trade shows and university events, and taking player feedback to refine and enhance the gameplay experience.

Immersive Gaming with No On-Screen GUI Elements

Design Approach

Exploring Intuitive Controls and Engaging Level Design – Investigating the most natural and intuitive controls for a fast-paced mobile game while designing levels with varied obstacles and enemy types to keep players engaged and challenged throughout the experience.

Enhancing the immersive quality of the game by removing on-screen GUI elements, such as incorporating the player’s health indicator as part of the character’s design instead of a separate UI element.

An Adventure with Endless Fun


Hype offers players an immersive and addictive gaming experience where they must dodge obstacles, avoid dangerous mines, and protect friendly drones, all while battling through levels and facing off against menacing bosses. This innovative game promises endless fun and challenges as players swipe their way through Kevin’s nightmares.




Stuttgart Media University


Game design, art direction, project management, UXD, UID, 3D modeling and rigging


Lukas Zaiser, Michael Müller, Sebastian Marquard, Manuela Schuler, David Mayer, Vitali Leschinger, Cornelius Fingerle

VR+ Watch