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A Oculus Rift with Leap Motion Case Study

Unleash Your Inner Magician: The VR+ Necromancer


Imagine yourself as Jade, a young magician sent by the Order to investigate sightings of the undead in a dark, eerie forest. What starts as a simple inquiry quickly turns into a battle for survival. Armed with powerful magic, you must defend yourself against lurking undead enemies. The deeper you venture into the forest, the more dangerous it becomes. However, you know you must defeat the root of evil to save the forest and its inhabitants.

This case study deals with the interaction and the user interface in virtual reality. The goal was to make the user interface as natural and intuitive as possible, which would result in a better immersion.

VR+ Necromancer

Merging Hand-Tracking and Movement for Seamless VR Integration

Design Approach

The primary focus of VR+ Nacromancer was to provide users with a natural and intuitive interaction in the virtual environment. We pursued various approaches, including hand tracking, which allowed users to see and move their hands within the virtual world as they would in reality. This enabled users to perform spells with their hands or grab and manipulate objects.

Revolutionizing Virtual Reality Interaction

Shape-Detection- Zeichne mit deinen Händen verschiedene Formen. Dreieck, Rechteck und Kreis stehen jeweils für einen Zauber.


Draw different shapes with your hands. Triangle, rectangle and circle each represent a spell.

Spell-Casting- Zeichne eine der Grundformen um eine Rune vor dir zu erschaffen. Um sie auszulösen musst du sie nur noch berühren.


Draw one of the basic shapes to create a rune in front of you. To trigger it you just have to touch it.

Shake-Movement- Fortbewegung ohne Motion-Sickness. Einfach auf der Stelle laufen und die Bewegung wird auf die Spielfigur übertragen.


Locomotion without motion sickness. Simply run on the spot and the movement is transferred to the character.

A Journey into VR+ Nacromancer's


To address locomotion within the virtual world, we moved away from conventional methods like teleportation or using joysticks and gamepads. Instead, VR+ Nacromancer implemented a more natural method – locomotion through on-the-spot movements. Users move by walking, jogging, or running in place, creating a more realistic experience. This method, known as “natural walking,” is increasingly being adopted in VR applications.

In conclusion, VR+ Nacromancer successfully created an immersive and engaging virtual reality experience by leveraging intuitive interaction and natural user interfaces. Through innovative design and technology, users can truly step into the role of Jade, the young magician, and face the challenges that lie ahead in this epic story.


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Hochschule der Medien, Stuttgart


Level-Design, Art-Direction, Programmierung, UXD, UID, 3D-Modeling and Rigging


Unity3D, Leap Motion, Oculus Rift, zBrush, C#, Math, Virtual Reality